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Tailor-made experiences - Unique memories

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Ta Lai Adventure

All our activities are carried out by Ta Lai Adventure, our organization specialized in team building, school trips and handmade personal programs at Ta Lai Longhouse for over 12 years.

Mixing the experience of French, Vietnamese and local ethnic minority staff - we can assure a safe and comfortable trip in the wild.

Outdoor discovery

From the diversity of Ta Lai Landscapes to the exciting Bat Cave exploration, uncover the beauty of Ta Lai and Cat Tien National Park with our trekking and biking routes.

Cat Tien wetlands and its biodiversity are also easily at reach with a peaceful kayak ride on the lake.

Discover our activities here

Trek Ta Lai Cat Tien
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Cultural discovery

The core of the project remains the local ethnic minorities of Ta Lai - providing them a sustainable income and protect their ancestral culture.

At Ta Lai Longhouse, we can arrange a moment with weaving women of the village to display how they create their handmade fabric.

You can also participate to a night of celebration with unique and ancestral performances from Ma and Tay people...

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