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30 % of your nights stay is donated to support local community projects.
It consists in a community development fund rewarding locals with salary, sponsoring them to have access to public facilities, creating jobs opportunities locally and sponsoring young generation to go to school.

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Or the old lady as we call it: it was the first edifice to be built 12 years ago.

It's a large lodge with space for up to 30 people to sleep. The building is mesmerizing: it displays the beauty of bamboo construction and the priceless craftsmanship of local Ma people.

You can come experience how the ethnic minorities used to live in the forest - simply, peacefully, as a community.

We do have wi-fi, fans and electricity!


Built in 2016, the ‘mini’ longhouse has the same style, materials and architecture as the larger longhouse and sleeps up to 15 people comfortably.


Overlooking the lake, it’s the perfect lodge for smaller groups and families allowing you to have complete privacy.



We provide comfortable mattresses with high quality bedding and individual or double mosquito nets, covers, pillows  

Either end of the longhouse roof has open slits to allow a gentle breeze to flow though to keep you cool even on the hottest of days. We also have lots of fans, and the air of the forest is fresher than in the city.


Situated in a separate area from the Longhouse, our large shared bathroom facility houses changing areas, four toilets and ten modern showers with solar powered continuous hot water.



Meals are taken under the roofed dining hall, while enjoying the sounds and sights of the forest.

Our menus range from hearty traditional VIetnamese dishes to savory vegetarian food.

Our in-house chefs shop daily at the local market to hand-pick the freshest foods. Water used for cooking and drinking is filtered and purified by our onsite Pentair system.

We also have a large selection of beverages such as fresh juices, smoothies, cafés, soft drinks, teas, fresh cocktails, beers and wine...

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Surrounded by trees, our large pavilion on the highest area of the whole complex.
It is the perfect place for meetings, conferences, dinners, meditation, dance yoga or simply lounging and relaxing.

It can comfortably sit up to 50 people and is now equipped with a HD projector, speaker and microphone if needed.

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