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You can enjoy a unique stay and discover Cat Tien National Park through many outdoor and cultural experiences, and spend a night in a traditional bamboo lodge made by the Ma ethnic minority.


Booking a stay or an activity at Ta Lai Longhouse means actively supporting local communities through a community fund, providing safe and stable employment to locals, and participate in a sustainable and responsible form of tourism.




The pilot program was introduced in Cat Tien National Park with sponsorship from DANIDA through WWF-Denmark and WWF-Vietnam.

WWF-Vietnam began conservation efforts in Cat Tien National Park in 1998.

They have since integrated and conducted a number of activities and awareness campaigns to protect its rich biodiversity and unique species.

The aim is to directly contribute to nature conservation and developing the local community via ecotourism activities while creating opportunities to educate and improve the livelihoods of local, poor communities living in and around the Park.

The Community Development Fund (CDF) receives direct contributions from Ta Lai tourism initiatives, which is then used to facilitate local community based needs.

 “To stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.”

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